[RAYA SALE] Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Mousse Mask 100G


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[Description]New advanced Micro Clay Mousse for more effective pore cleansingIts smooth, creamy mousse texture cleanses between fine lines, targeting even the smallest pores to provide a more effective pore-cleansing effect Jeju Volcanic Cluster with excellent sebum-absorbing powerIt contains 3,000mg of Jeju volcanic clusters to absorb excess sebum effectivelyClay Mask providing a moist finish for dry skinIt contains twice as much moisturizing ingredient than jar type, allowing dry skin to enjoy cleansed pores and feel moist after use*About Micro Clay Mousse Particles of Micro Clay Mousse are smaller than the pores and are applied thoroughly onto the skin along the face’s natural features for more effective pore care[Patent application number: 2015-0030819][How to use] 1) Dry your face after washing. Pump out an adequate amount and gently apply all over the face avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth.(*Massage the face in small circles for easier application)2) Cleanse off excess sebum and dead skin cells on the skin with lukewarm water after 15 minutes


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