800ml New Upgrades Increase Continuous Drainage Auto Dehumidifier Eliminate Excess Moisture From Closets Quiet


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Shell material: ABS plasticInput voltage: 220~240v / 50hz~60hz Output voltage: DC9VPower: 25WDaily dehumidification: Max 200-300ml/24 hours ( 30℃, 80RH% Laboratory data )Max Dehumidification area : 20㎡(200 sq.ft)Product Size: 165x145x230mmWater tank capacity: 800MLPower cord length: 125cmExternal water pipe:YesHuman comfortHumans are sensitive to humid air because the human body uses evaporative cooling as the primary mechanism to regulate temperature. Under humid conditions, the rate at which perspiration evaporates on the skin is lower than it would be under arid conditions. Because humans perceive the rate of heat transfer from the body rather than temperature itself, we feel warmer when the relative humidity is high than when it is low.Some people experience difficulty breathing in humid environments. Some cases may possibly be related to respiratory conditions such as asthma, while others may be the product of anxiety. Sufferers will often hyperventilate in response, causing sensations of numbness, faintness, and loss of concentration, among others. Air Dehumidifier reduces discomfort by reducing not just temperature but humidity as well.CapacityDehumidifier capacity is usually measured in pints per 24 hours and is determined by two factors: the size of the space that needs to be dehumidified and the conditions that exist in the space before dehumidification. Use the chart below to estimate the capacity you are looking for.Water Removal OptionsMost dehumidifiers use aremovable plastic bucketand warning lights to indicate when the bucket is full and needs to be emptied. There is typically an automatic shutoff when the bucket is full, so you won’t have to worry about the bucket overflowing.Most dehumidifiers come with a fitting that allows you to hook ahosedirectly to the bucket, which can then be directed into a floor drain or sump pump, so there is no need to empty it.PlacementMost dehumidifiers have top-mounted air discharge and can be placed against walls, but if you do not have top-mounted discharge, make sure the dehumidifier is located away from walls and furniture, so that air can circulate freely around the unit. This will result in better operation of the product.Doors and windows to the space being dehumidified should be closed while the unit is running. This will ensure that the space is dehumidified as efficiently as possible.Locate away from sources of dust and dirt (like woodworking equipment), which can clog coils and grills.Observe all manufacturer warnings regarding electrical safety. In particular, never set up water drainage or disposal near electrical circuits or devices. Make sure the dehumidifier is connected to a properly grounded outlet. Keep drain hoses away from electrical cords and connections.If you are planning to use a hose to drain the dehumidifier’s water bucket, make sure the unit is located near enough to the floor drain or sump to avoid the need for a long and unwieldy hose. Don’t create a tripping hazard!Do not be alarmed if the air temperature directly around the unit is warmer than in surrounding areas. As a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, it slightly warms the space around it.Operating TemperatureIf the space being dehumidified has temperatures that typically fall below 65 degrees (F), you may want to consider buying a product that is specified for use at lower temperatures.Frost can form on the condensing coils if the air temperature drops below 65 degrees, and may negatively affect the performance of the product by causing the compressor to cycle on and off repeatedly without removing moisture from the air. If this happens, the unit should be switched off and allowed to defrost before it is turned back on. Some dehumidifiers come with anantifrost sensor, which will automatically turn the unit off if the air temperature drops below a certain point.Qualified ENERGY STAR models are available that are rated for use at temperatures as low as 42 degrees.


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