Colgate Plax Ice Mouthwash 100ml Travel Sample Trial


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Colgate Plax Ice prevents cavities, freshens your breath and kills bacteria lurking in your mouth – all without any annoying burning sensation. • Kills bacteria , Provides up to 64% healthier gums*, Contains Fluoride to help prevent cavities, Mint taste, provide long lasting fresh breath, No burning sensation, 12-hour protection against plaque and bacteria, Clinically Tested by Dentists. Benefits:- Kills over 99% of bacteria- Helps control bad breath for 24 hours, 7 days a week- Provides healthier gums***- Helps prevent cavities with Fluoride- No burning feeling*refers to cooling sensation vs brushing alone**use twice daily as directed***vs non-antiseptic mouthwash*HAVE OLD AND NEW PACKAGING*


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