Household Remote Control Efficient Air Circulation Fan


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White Option: Remote Control + Touch Display (Can Timed)Black Option: No Remote Control + Mechanic KnobCCC Certificate Number: 2018010702067174Smart Type: Smart Is Not SupportedFan Category: Air Circulation FanPlace Of Purchase: Mainland ChinaColor Classification: White Remote ControlModel: Syf-Dq16bControl Method: Remote ControlMaximum Timing Range: 12hWhether With Remote Control: YesAir Supply Type: Shaking HeadPower Mode: AcProduct Type: Air CirculationFan Blade: 3Rotate Settings: Left And Right Auto/Up And Down ManualRated Power: 38wGear Position: 3Product Size: 290*240*190mmThe appearance of an air cycle machine is similar to that of a small fan and is often mistaken for a fan. In fact, there are great differences in the operating mechanism and principle of the fan and air cycle machine.1, the operating principle of the fanThe fan simply uses electromagnetic induction to make the blade rotate rapidly, so that the air in front of the fan flows quickly, and the fast flowing air passes through the human body, causing the surface of the human body to evaporate and absorb heat, thereby making the body feel cool. However, throughout the operation of the fan, the fan does not have a cooling effect on the indoor air. If the indoor temperature is high, the wind blown out is also high temperature. Conversely, the heat is released during the operation of the fan, causing the temperature to rise near the fan.2, the working principle of air circulation fanThe main function of the air circulation fan is to form a convective circulation of indoor air to achieve an equilibrium temperature effect with a reasonable air flow direction. Generally, it can not be used directly as a refrigerator. It is often used in conjunction with air conditioners to achieve rapid cooling and balance room temperature. It can also be used to circulate air inside and outside, allowing indoor and outdoor air to alternate.Therefore, the main function of the fan is to evaporate the body water to make people feel “cool”, while the air circulation fan is mainly aimed at the air flow to reach a room temperature balance.


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