Innisfree Forest for Men Grooming Peeling Toner 200ml


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Forest For Men Grooming Peeling Toner200mlWHAT IT ISinnisfree’s Forest for Men Grooming Line is designed to be quick, simple, and stress-free to incorporate into your daily routine. This entry-level line is enriched with phytoncide complex to relieve skin fatigue and take care of specific concerns. Forest For Men Grooming Peeling Toner is a moisturising, peeling toner that removes unnecessary skin cells. It contains AHA (citric acid) to smoothen flaky surfaces and BHA (wintergreen leaf extract) that takes care of dead skin cells deeper in the skin. It also contains betaine, a naturally derived moisture ingredient to keep the skin healthy and moisturised.HOW TO USEAfter cleansing, apply an appropriate amount on hand and gently smooth over your face. For more effective exfoliation, dispense an appropriate on a cotton pad. Then, gently wipe the skin starting from the inner to outer part of the face.


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