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My Drop14mlWHAT IT ISinnisfree My Drop comes in six formulations, Moisturising, Hydrating, Radiance, Long-wear, Tone-up, and Tone-down, each with its own unique properties to address different skin concerns. My Drop (Water Moisture) Rich with Jeju fresh green tea water, one drop of this product can help moisturise and cool skin that has been dried by harsh and hot weather. My Drop (Oil Moisture) With Jeju canola honey extract, this product rejuvenates, replenishes, and provides deep hydration for dry skin. One drop on extra dry and flaky lips before lip makeup can make a world of difference in your comfort and the longevity of your makeup. My Drop (Volume Glow) Fortified by Jeju mineral powder, can brighten up your skin on days that it starts looking a little dull. It gives your skin a natural radiance and healthy glow finishing. My Drop (Mattifying) With naturally-derived mint, this product acts as a pore and skin texture cover, giving you better sebum control for a makeup look that will last all day. My Drop (Tone Up Blender) Enriched with Mineral Cover ComplexTM, it brightens up your foundation shade, making it lighter. Blend it with your foundation and use it as a highlighter. My Drop (Tone Down Blender) Enriched with Mineral Cover ComplexTM, it allows you to tone down your foundation shade to a darker tone. It also acts as a natural contour which you can incorporate into your makeup routine. Blend it with your foundation and use it for contouring. HOW TO USEIt can be used as a makeup base (before you apply makeup), as a makeup blender (mixed with foundation or BB cream), or even as a highlighter or contouring shade (after foundation is applied).


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