Innisfree (My Palette) My Eyeshadow (Shimmer) #1


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Innisfree (My Palette) My Eyeshadow (Shimmer)WHAT IT IS2. A vast selection of pigments and textures With it being subdivided into base, contouring, styling and defining, you can easily choose colours according to desired makeup style.*Base eye makeup: base shades to be applied on the first layer for eye makeup *Contouring eye makeup: basic neutral shades to create shading on your eyes *Styling eye makeup: point shades to show prominent colour on your eyes *Defining eye makeup: liner shades to contour your eyes while creating a clear look3. Magnetic base for easy customization Each of the My Eyeshadow colour comes with a magnetic base, which can be easily assembled into the magnetic My Palette case.HOW TO USE


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