Innisfree Quick Tone-Up Mask Pink 10g


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Innisfree Quick Tone-Up Mask Pink 10gThis mask offers a quick and easy brightening solution. Not only does it moisturise your skin, but it is rich with brightening cream to give your skin a healthy, natural glow.This multifunctional mask can be applied in the morning to help reduce your prep time and act as a base for your makeup. It comes in two pieces with a wide eye zone and cutting lines along the mouth for ease of movement.Choose from 3 colours to brighten your skin tone and address your skin concerns.Pink: Vitalises skin with guava extract and brightens dull skin tone.Green: Soothes skin with peppermint extract and reduces the appearance of blemishes.Violet: Moisturises skin with lavender extract and corrects a yellowish skin tone


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