MamyPoko AirFit Tape S (3-8kg) 84 X 1 pack 84 Pcs


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Babies are god given gifts that deserve the best of the best and nothing less. From milk to clothes, to buggies and pacifiers, every baby requires safe and nontoxic things. Just like milk, diapers are just as important; very, very important. Hence, only the best band of diaper should be worn by your little angel. Keep Them Babies DryWith super-fast drying technology, MamyPoko Air Fit is the go to diapers for maximum dryness and comfort. MamyPoko Air Fit has super good air flow technology helps to keep your baby’s bum from smell and bacteria that leads to rashes. Its stretchable waist makes sure your little sunshine stays relaxed and comfy at all times.Comfort is KeyMamyPoko Air Fit is definitely the best diaper for your little angel. Diaper rash? Spills from leaking diaper? You need not to worry of that anymore. MamyPoko Air Fit perfect fit wear, safeguards urine form spilling while your baby is busy exploring the world.


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