Quiet Air Dehumidifier & Air Purifier with Multifunction LED Display【9 Month Warranty】


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》》》》 English operation video and power plug adapter《《《《Features:- 2.2L Removable and washable water tank- Water max extraction: 1080ml/Day at 30℃, 80RH%.- Digital LED display- Air purify functionality: Anion function and UV lamp function seperately- Full water protection: once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically stops,- Intelligent control of the environment comfortable and comfortable, without manual operatio- 3 kinds of dehumidification environment.- Portable water pipes drainThe importance of dehumidificationDehumidification function effectively protect household appliances, computers, cameras, and other equipment from moisture damage. ;Can effectively and rapidly wet clothes to dry, when it comes to wet weather, wet laundry King quit a few days, start the dehumidifier whole dry overnight. In the wet season or humid environment, the dehumidifier is to help you get rid of damp good assistant.Can effectively prevent household items, food, medicines, books and moldy. ;Effectively reduced at the end of the indoor humidity, ergonomically comfortable, reduce rheumatic disease, arthritis, neuralgia, bronchitis, asthma and other ailments occur;Be able to effectively reduce mold and other bacteria breeding, high-humidity environment is a breeding ground for various bacteria quickly if the humidity is below 60%, harmful bacteria and microorganisms will be significantly reduced.Specificitions:Water tank capacity: 2200mlDehumidification capacity: 1080ml/d (humidity 85% temperature 30 ℃)Rated power: 90WRated voltage: 220V,50Hz-60HzCar voltage: 12VDCSuitable area: 0 – 30㎡Include function: dehumidification / dry clothes / to prevent moldNotices(please read the notices before using the dehumidifier):-Turn off the unit and unplug it before any maintance or repair to avoid electric shocks.-Use the machine in proper temperature range from 5-40℃.-Keep at least 20cm space around the machine when operating.-Keep the machine in an up-right position to avoid leakage.-Always use the machine in flat and horizontal position to minimize the vibration.-Do not insert any sharp objects into air inlet/outlet.-Keep the air inlet/outlet free from air blocking materials such as paper, clothing and plastic bags.-Unplug the plug and empty the water tank when the unit will not be used for an extened period of time.


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