UV Sterilization Remove mites Vacuum Cleaner Dust Handheld Mite killer


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Note: The two buttons at the bottom, press to start UV, release to turn off UV Low Noise High power UV Sterilization Vacuum Slick design Cleaner Dust Handheld Mite killer Machine net weight: 1.2kg Voltage / Frequency: 220V / 50HZ Degree of vacuum: ≥ 10Kpa UV lamp: 253.7nm Working length: 5m Dust box capacity: 0.4L Machine size: 330 * 260 * 170mm Rated power: 300w Noise: ≤75dB In addition to the special frequency of ultrasonic waves on the physiological system of the mites, the sputum can resonate and effectively suppress the feeding and breeding process in the life cycle of the dust mites, thereby reducing the dust mites and allergens in the space, reducing the mites allergies and mites. Allergic asthma attacks are harmless to humans and pets, thus solving the problem of dust mites control existing in the prior art. Instructions: When used, the mites are placed close to the dust mites and are easily placed at the breeding place, such as beside the bed, next to the carpet, and on the side of the sofa. The operation is simple and the plug can be used. use: Home daily, travel, business trip, car, company, etc., can also be placed next to the pet to remove the mites from the pet. For people: Urban households with more serious air pollution, families with high frequency of air conditioning, families with old people and newborn babies, families with allergic genetic history, families with pets (especially kittens and puppies), allergic rhinitis, allergies Patients with dermatitis, allergic eczema, asthma, allergies and other conditions.


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